Announcing Yosai v0.2

Yosai v0.2 was released to PyPI.

Project Web Site

Release Highlights

  • Yosai is ready to be integrated with web applications
  • Configuration and initialization has been streamlined
  • Many java-like design patterns were refactored
  • Yosai and WebYosai APIs
  • Major improvements with serialization


pyramid_yosai is the first integration with a web application framework, specifically the Pyramid Web Framework. pyramid_yosai was released to pypi and is ready for use in your projects.



A fully-functioning demonstration of a Yosai-secured pyramid application is available from github.

The project is called MonsterRX, as in “Monster Prescription”. It’s a basic workflow application for medical prescriptions. It’s intended for Monster use, exclusively, due to regulations. These Monsters are very special and have diets quite different from ours. In fact, their medicine are jellybeans! Check out the project.

About Yosai

Yosai is an Apache2-licensed security framework written in Python that provides industrial strength authentication, authorization, and session management from a common API. You can secure any kind of Python application with it.

Python Versions Supported

Yosai works with newer versions of python3, specifically py3.4 and newer.

The Yosai Project

The Yosai Project